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There is an increased demand for commercial real estate assets nationwide.

The San Antonio area is no exception. City and State agencies are looking to raise capital to fund projects, stimulate growth, and create jobs. The American Regional Center is pleased to be able to provide a funding solution that is in-line with the economic needs of the community.

We understand that the success of an EB-5 Investment is more than its financial return. The Investor must receive his/her Green Card. This objective will be the guiding principle behind our underwriting, management, documentation, and professional network. We are committed to achieving the most favorable immigration results for our clients. The American Regional Center takes great pride in its ability to affect positive change in the US and abroad. We welcome your business and participation in this global endeavor! Our highly-specialized team of experts can get you here, call (210) 366-8081 for details.

Our Mission

The mission of the American Regional Center is to provide the highest-quality EB-5 foreign investor experience and to facilitate legal passage and permanent residency in the United States. ARC offers projects at $500,000.00 and above and has also identified investments in the development of various profitable ventures within Targeted Employment Areas (TEA) located within the geographical area of the Regional Center (the “Region”). Such projects are include retail centers, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, apartment complexes, nursing homes, manufacturing facilities, pharmacies, and office buildings in the Region. Specifically, ARC focuses on developing new hotels in San Antonio, Texas, which includes one new “La Quinta Inn & Suites” hotel. We believe the timing is right to leverage the ARC’s knowledge, the skills and experience of our management team, and our access to capital through the EB-5 Program, in order to develop profitable hotels.

The American Regional Center is committed to facilitate a unique immigration pathway for foreign investors interested in the EB-5 Program, and in bringing economic stimulus to the San Antonio area. We are meeting this commitment through well-positioned commercial real estate investments in both public and private business development.